Sensory Analysis training courses

Courses addressed to professionals and companies

Global Sensory designs tailor-made training courses that satisfy your company needs.

Those training courses are aimed mainly at professionals who are involved in sensory analysis, such as Quality, Marketing and R&D department managers and technicians.

Training courses are 100% adaptable to your schedule and company needs.

You're only an expert on a subject when you know how to better teach about it

All training courses are conducted and developed by Global Sensory experts

Curso online en Análisis Sensorial

In-person intensive training course in Sensory Analysis

4h or 8h Intensive Course combining a theoretical part with practical workshops.

Curso específico en Análisis Sensorial

Specific training course for a category of products

Sensory Analysis training course 100% adaptable to your needs and for a specific product category.

Curso superior en Análisis Sensorial

Advanced training course in Sensory Analysis

Higher level training course for professionals who have basic knowledge in Sensory Analysis.

Responsables Panel de Cata

- Training course for managers of a Tasting Panel

Training course in order to acquire the skills and abilities required to select, train, maintain and direct a Sensory Tasting Panel.

Pictures of our training courses