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Do you know the key attributes of your product?
Do you know the attributes that characterize your competitors?

We offer you a comparative service of sensory profiles throughout our Panel of Experts

Análisis Sensorial

Sensory Evaluation is the analysis of the organoleptic properties of a product, when perceived by the sense organs.

Sensory Analysis is carried out by our sensory panel of experts selected and trained to describe and quantify objectively the organoleptic characteristics of products. Sensory Analysis is a key tool to obtain a high quality product with sensory characteristics optimized to the maximum.

We provide your company with different type of tests to be performed according to your objectives and needs.

  • Descriptive Tests

  • Discriminative Tests

The purpose of Descriptive tests is to obtain a product organoleptic profile in which the characteristics of appearance, texture, aroma and flavor are specified, as perceived by the senses

Discriminative tests are those that aim to determine whether there are differences at an organoleptic level between two or more products.

In descriptive tests the aim is to characterize, through the analysis of several attributes, the product to be analyzed, so that it has an accurate, reproducible and understandable identity card. For this purpose, the Sensory Analysis will be conducted by our selected and trained judges. Its functions are:

Gráfico descriptivo

  • Define a descriptive language

  • Determine how products differ

  • Determine how different products are

  • Determine the atributes that characterize a product


Which are the key sensory attributes of your product?

Are you trying to reduce costs and do not know to what extent quality will be affected?

Do you know the organoleptic variability of your product?

Do you need to know the organoleptic similarities and differences between your product and your competitors?

Our Sensory Panel of Experts is trained according to the American Spectrum Descriptive Analysis methodology (SDA). SDA provides detailed quantitative data and precisely defined terms for the description of the sensory fingerprint of each product. Sensory profiles generated will allow us to compare the product attribute by attribute, as well as in a global basis.

Our experience enhances us to draw conclusions and make recommendations for the next phases of your company project.

SDA applications include:

  • Development of new products

  • Quality control of production processes

  • shelf-life studies

  • Modification and improvement of existing products

  • Selection of new suppliers

  • Correlation with Consumer Tests quantitative data

  • Sensory advertising


Discriminative tests are used to determine whether there is a sensory difference between 2 or more products.

Have you made a change of ingredients or process in your product?

Test triangular

Do you need to know if the changes in your product are noticeable?

For this purpose, there are different types of discriminative tests

  • Pairwise comparison test

  • A / No A Test

  • Two out of five Test

  • Duo-Trio Test

  • Triangular test


The application of those tests is tailor-made to the customer needs. They can be performed with experts as well as with consumers.

Discriminative tests can be performed:

  • To obtain a product equal to a current product. In this case, the test will quickly and objectively check that there are no significant differences between products when there is a change of supplier or legislation

  • In cost optimization: Global Sensory will verify that changes in raw materials or in the production process do not compromise product quality

  • To carry out sensory advertising campaigns focusing on the distinguishing feature of your product


In Global Sensory we’re well aware the global consumers’ market is increasingly competitive. Efficiency of investments carried out by enterprises is often influenced by the knowledge of the customers’ needs and satisfaction as well as by the rapid adaptation to changing markets ahead of competitors.

Consumers are increasingly demanding and want products to give credibility to the promises offered by brands. Products with outstanding sensory benefits are being every time more consumed and demanded by clients.

In Global Sensory we know that differentiation is the key to have faithful consumers to one specific product. Therefore, we offer our customers with the Seal of Sensory Excellence, as the product has been evaluated by our Panel of Experts.

This Seal of Quality can be inserted into your product as part of a sensory advertising campaign for your customers and consumers

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