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Market Research company specialized in Sensory Analysis and Consumer product testing

. Sensory AnalysisWe have a broad professional experience in several

sectors related to consumer goods such as: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Perfumery and Personal Hygiene


We are a team of skilled, dynamic and motivated professionals who provide advice and Sensory Analysis reliable and cost effective solutions for our customers.

In Global Sensory, we are experts in the field of sensory sciences and consumers behaviour, and we are committed to the interpretation of all senses' aspects and how they relate to consumers needs, desires and experiences .

As consultants, we work close together in partnership with our customers to provide sensory guidance in the development of new products as well as in the improvement of existing products already in the market.

Our aim is to understand customer needs and design ad hoc studies to help them achieve their goals. We use innovative methodologies in order to obtain a high quality product with organoleptic characteristics optimized to the maximum to ensure their market position and acceptance by consumers.

The Global Sensory customer experience focuses on consumer interaction with the sensory properties of the product together with sensory quality.

What Global Sensory can do for your products

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Tailor-made Solutions for your Company products

La Evaluación Sensorial se lleva a cabo por nuestro panel sensorial de expertos seleccionados y entrenados para describir y cuantificar de forma objetiva las características organolépticas de tus productos. +
El Test de Producto con Consumidores nos permite conocer el comportamiento de un segmento de la población frente a uno o varios productos, herramienta esencial para el desarrollo de nuevos productos o para mejorar los ya existentes en el mercado. +
Complementando un Test de Producto con Consumidores con el Análisis Sensorial realizado por nuestro Panel de Expertos podemos interpretar las percepciones de los consumidores cuando degustan y valoran los productos. +
Si tienes una pyme o tu presupuesto es limitado y quieres innovar en tu producto este es el servicio que estabas buscando. +
¡Especialízate en Análisis Sensorial! Cursos dirigidos para responsables y profesionales del sector del Gran Consumo. +


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